PowerMac G5 Upgrades & Repairs

At Milagro Mac we specialize in Power Mac G5 repair, since the Mac Plus and SE we have been repairing Apple Computers. We even go back to the Apple II. The Power Mac G5 is a special computer that is still very popular. Many of my clients need to run legacy software like Protools on a Apple OSX tiger or leopard or even OS 9 on some Power Mac G5's. From time to time your beloved power mac may break down, need a new Power Supply, hard drive up grade, a worn out superdrive replacement. A tired old processor or logic board may need replacement. Our experienced apple service technicians are prepared to help in all your Power Mac G5 requirements. Complete warrantied Power Mac G5 1.87 ghz, 2.0 Ghz, 2.33 Ghz, 2.5 ghz, 2.7 Ghz are for sale when available! just give us a call: 949-673-7238 visit us on the web: MilagroMac.com - machp.com ask a question on our live chat link. http://milagrocomputer.com/applecomputersupport.htm

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