Power Mac G4 Stealth Serial Port Rev D


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  • Model: GW-03 E187088
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Power Mac G4 Stealth Serial Port Rev D
GW-03 E187088

The Stealth Serial Port is a $50 card that plugs into the comm slot found on the iMac, Blue and White G3, and G4 computers. It provides a standard Mini DIN-8 Serial port (note—the Stealth Serial port does not support GeoPort devices, which require a 9th pin). The only bad news is that because the Stealth card uses the comm slot in your box, you will lose the internal modem. That’s not such a bad thing in my opinion. I never liked internal modems to begin with (don’t get me started). When I had my G4 built at the Apple Store I knew that I would be purchasing a Stealth Serial Port so I purchased it without the modem. If you need a modem, there are numerous external USB models from which to choose, and in the end you won’t be spending much more, if any, for an external modem.

Installing the card is absurdly simple. If you have a B&W G3 or G4 the procedure requires about two minutes. For iMacs it’s a bit more involved but still quite manageable.

That the Stealth Serial Port uses the comm slot is of critical importance with respect to its superlative compatibility. The driver included with the Stealth card simply hooks into the Comm Toolbox, providing another port selection in the port pop-up menu of any Comm Toolbox savvy application. For older applications, simply choosing the Modem port will work. Apple has cleverly patched the Modem port to the comm slot so that older applications will work with the internal modem (this has been common practice since the days of the first internal modems in Apple’s laptops).

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