Giclee Printing Studios.

What is a Giclee Print?

Giclee refers to a new method of creating limited edition prints. The Giclee process begins after a transparency is produced from the original painting, or the painting is scanned directly by a high-end drum scanner.  Special software programs are used to manipulate the attributes of the digitized image to achieve the artist's own desired requirements.  The Actual tecture from the original oil Painting is captured.

The approved image is then output to a sophisticated ink jet printer while the printmaker/technician verifies the colour management elements. The word Giclee itself is French, and means spurt or squirt, however the spray is more like a mist, each droplet being the size of a red blood cell.

Here Are a few of the Artists

Steve Simon's
San Onofre The Point
"12 x 24" Giclee Print
actual ink on Canvas
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Art Milagro's

Cozumel Dream

16" x 20"

Actual ink On Canvas

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Would you like to make an exact reproduction of your photograph or original

oil painting and reproduce it on canvas or paper?

We offer the following services to professional artists and amatures who would like an exact

reproduction of their Art work whether it be and oil painting, photograph, acrylic or watercolor.

We are a professional studio with skilled artists that can reproduce your original artwork to look exactly like your original.



Giclee Printing $10.00 to $15.00 / square foot

On Fine Art Paper or Canvas

Scanning & Layouts $5.00 / square foot

Computer retouching & enhancements $25.00/15min

Signature removal $5.00

Border treatment cutting $1.00 per print

Mounting and Varnishing $2.50/ square foot


we can take your original artwork and reproduce it on canvas or fine Art paper.

Will drop Ship

Call or email for quote




Prices subject to change without notice and are negotiable for contract work

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